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About me

Hello, I am Chirag Bhatia. I'm an engineering graduate, a technology enthusiast and a big fan of Android. I have a diverse set of skills, ranging from Web development to Mobile application development.

I feel technologies in our smartphones have potential to influence our lives much more than they already have.


I've got chips in all phases of application development.


I collaborate with people all the time to nurture ideas and transform them into reality.


I sketch app mockups. I have learned the hard way that UX in the first 5 minutes decides the future of an app.



I develop android applications and do not hesitate on using new technologies like firebase, etc.

Open Source

I'm a big fan of open source development and do not hesitate in using or contributing to open source projects.

Team Work

I believe the best of ideas and collaborations are formed over a cup of coffee.


Wanna work together? Wanna discuss new project? Get in touch.

Chirag Bhatia

Magarpatta City, Hadapsar, Pune
Maharashtra, India

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